There is No Skipping Steps

This afternoon in Petaluma Northern California \”Grief is a lifelong process\”, a big sigh escapes me as I read these words in the latest book I\’m reading Transcending Loss by Ashley Davis Bush, L.C.S.W.  I\’m reminded of the time we spent in orientation at the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago, learning about ourContinue reading “There is No Skipping Steps”

Feeling the Magic

At Tomales Bay with Scott Marin County, Northern California “Do not look sad. We shall meet soon again.” “Please, Aslan”, said Lucy,”what do you call soon?”“I call all times soon” said Aslan; and instantly he was vanished away.”― C.S. Lewis   Last night, I fell asleep listening to the music from the Chronicles of Narnia. WhenContinue reading “Feeling the Magic”

Searching for the Other Side

This Afternoon Town Square  Sonoma, California I won\’t pretend today was easy. Sometimes it seems I am feeling more pain than I did the first few days after Scott\’s death. Sometimes, I fear I will lose people with all of this pain. But. That is not the point. It is not the point to worryContinue reading “Searching for the Other Side”