Screen Time

 When I owned my pet sit business a few years ago, one of my clients was a well known Hollywood Director who released a blockbuster children\’s film on schedule every other year. They moved to the Sonoma Valley area to live out their dreams of having a vineyard and a barnyard full of animals. They stayed for about a year and half, sold the house, gave away the farm animals and returned to LA. The kids missed surfing and the beach.  What struck me about this family when I visited to take care of their animals when they were away was the lack of technology in the house.

There was a chalkboard in the kitchen with the healthy menu of the day, no landline phones, no flat screen televisions in every room. In fact, there was no flat screen tv to be found. Later, I learned this was all by design. No one in the household watched television. Smart phones were limited for use by the parents only.  They did not want the technology or outside influences to affect their children\’s creativity. 

I\’ve read this is true of Tech Giants as well. Many also limit their children\’s time on smart phone devices and television.

For many years, I lived without a television set.

Today, I have a smart phone, a smart tv in the house we are staying at, and my laptop. I subscribe to Netflix, Gaia and Hay House Radio.  Gaia and Hay House are positive, spirituality streams. Netflix, I indulge in crime shows and food/travel series to escape.  I am trying to spend more time on the positive, listening to Hay House and watching documentaries on Gaia. My biggest challenge is the news.

On my smart phone, I find myself scanning back and forth between news sources following the drama of orange head digging his heels in, fuming in the White House and the transition of power hoping and praying this time they don\’t disappoint us with their promises of change.  

I know the time I spend reading the news is a big waste of time. Why do I still do it?

I think part of it is boredom. Most of my life, I dedicated myself to my work and building my business, taking care of animals-my own and my clients, and spending the rest of my time rescuing animals. I wasn\’t raised in a Waldorf household, where education and creativity was nurtured and cultivated. I grew up watching my parents, my dad work five days a week sometimes seven fixing cars and my mom working forty plus work weeks at the post office most of our childhood and teen years.

As my sisters and I grew up, all of us leaving high school before we graduated, taking GEDS and high school proficiency exams to start working early at sixteen and seventeen, education and creative pursuits escaped us. My younger sisters worked hard hours in retail and the restaurant businesses. I started in dog grooming working my way into the mortgage industry by having decent typing skills. 

Today, not having a career or a business has left me a bit astray. Who am I. What is my purpose. Am I worthy not having a job, a cause, or business to throw myself into?

What do I do. How do I fill up all this space in my life. Why do I feel like I need to fill it up. Is it okay to spend my time watching the stars disappear in the night sky as dawn is born into another day of promise. Does my existence here need to have a purpose to cling onto or can I just delve into the beauty that has been given so generously to us.

When we first settled on the mountain a couple of months ago, it was hot. Temperatures climbed from the 90s to the 100s. A raging fire devouring hundreds of thousands of acres nearby covered the area in a thick smoke. Surrounding us, the trees looked so dry and fragile in the heat. In our yard, I noticed the grouse digging in the dry heat. I filled a tray of water for her not seeing or finding any kind of reliable water source near her scratching area. Earlier, I had heard about a pack of wild boar, normally reclusive, making their way down from the mountains to a creek along the highway. In plain view of traffic, they soaked in the cool water escaping the relentless heat. Their wariness of humans receding into the sweltering temperatures.

As I fussed about what my life\’s purpose is and what positive influence I can bring to this life, I realized that maybe it can just be simple things. I don\’t have to lose myself in changing the world or building a business.

It can be simple. My life can be simple. As simple as filling a tray of water for a wild grouse on a hot day. It can be as simple as not bring negativity into a situation. Checking my ego and letting go of who I was so many years ago and who I am becoming today.

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3 thoughts on “Screen Time

  1. I feel the pull to lead a simple life also. I live in a house full of things that I don’t need or want. All ai want is to watch the sunsets, the glory of the sun disappearing each day. Best of luck – life is about change and your next stage of life will reveal itself.


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