Fall\’s Path


This is the path the deer follow around our home in the forest. One day, two does and a fawn peered into the window. I was sitting on the couch, reading my book. I looked up and there they were, their noses pressed against the glass trying to figure out who this stranger was.  I don\’t know if the people who lived here before fed the deer or nurtured a relationship with the Mom and Auntie who brought their growing fawn to me. It was a gift to see them that morning a few weeks ago, so inquisitive and bold as they watched me through the glass.
This morning, the earth is damp, the saffron fall leaves nestle with the twigs and small rocks along the walk way. My partner made me a holiday tape. Dean Martin sings Silver Bells as I wait for the next storm to arrive. Pumpkin Pie and toasted cinnamon bread with hot cups of coffee take the place of breakfast and soon lunch.  I am in a cozy fall mood. 
Earlier, I ordered ten books from http://www.bookshop.org, all the books I chose written by women authors.
Bookshop.org has renewed my passion for books. I\’ve been so disappointed lately in what I\’ve found at the bookstores and through Amazon. As soon as I hit the web page at bookshop, an online bookstore that supports independent bookstores, I knew I found my home. I had to stop myself from ordering books, there were so many that caught my attention.  
One of the books, I ordered, that I am looking forward to reading is \”The Bitch\” by Pilar Quintana, a Colombian author. The book is about a childless woman who finds and adopts a dog. One of the quotes about the book attracted and repelled me. I know it\’s going to be a hard book to read. I feel like it\’s time to read writers that crack me open and guide me to another world to jar my thinking and beliefs. This book is one of many I ordered that I hope will awaken me to a deeper sense of what is going on in the places beyond the ones I think I know.
\”The Bitch is a novel of true violence. Artist that she is, Pilar Quintana uncovers wounds we didn\’t know we had, shows us their beauty, and then throws a handful of salt into them.\” –Yuri Herrera, author of Signs Preceding the End of the World
Right now, I am reading  \”A Pilgrimage to Eternity\” by Timothy Egan about his pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome in Search of Faith. At first the book was frustrating. I was getting bored with the history of bloody Christian battles and the assassination of Thomas Becket until this morning. The author won me over with his writings of Mary Magdalene, who was an educated woman of independent means who helped the working class mostly illiterate apostles. In the Book of Philips, it states she was the companion of Jesus who often kissed her on the mouth. 
Well, of course, I found a book of Mary Magdalene on bookshop.org and back ordered it in time for Christmas.  

Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel & the Christianity We Haven\’t Tried Yet by Meggan Watterson

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