Sleeping at Walmart

Lake Crescent, Washington
One of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful lake I have ever seen on our travels
When we lived in our mini van during the summer, we slept in a Walmart Parking lot at least a half dozen times. I always wanted to sleep in a van in a parking lot. It feels clandestine for me and so ordinary for a lot of RV travelers including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas who loves staying in Walmart Parking lots with his wife in their RV has they travel through the states.
The key for me is to shop at Walmart and use the bathroom right before bedding down around 10 p.m. In our mini van, we didn\’t have the luxury of a bathroom. After my last trip of the night across the parking lot back to the van after picking up some snacks, we would watch a movie on our phones, than climb in the back, and dig ourselves under the sleeping bag. My partner would build himself a fort in his corner to shield himself from the lights and sounds of cars and delivery trucks going in and out through-out the night. Me. I would lie exposed to the flashing lights in my sleeping shorts and shirt, falling asleep like a baby to all the noise and strangers passing through the night. I slept better in the Walmart parking lot than the camping sites we stayed at in the canyons and forests through-out the northwest. I was born in San Francisco, remembering vividly as a child how I would fall asleep listening to the traffic and watching the lights move across the ceiling like a movie projector as the buses rumbled by on the city streets. City sounds are white noise that relieves my anxiety and stress. So different from my partner who is extremely sensitive to sound.
On our next leg of the journey, I don\’t think we will spend much time sleeping in the van or staying at Walmart.  And the tent we slept in a few times when we first started our nomadic travels was returned barely used. Part of me would like to try staying at one of the truck stops along the interstates, eating some junk food, people watching, and picking out a suspense movie to end the night before falling asleep to the generators loudly buzzing and rumbling through the night. 
It\’s probably not going to happen. 
This morning, my partner and I sipped our coffees talking of Disneyland (he has no desire to ever go back, I love the Indiana Jones ride and the mayhem), exploring San Diego and hopefully making it our home base, my desires of becoming a member of the zoo and going on whale watch trips, and his desires of exploring the neighborhoods (where to settle) and walking on the beach soaking in the sun. 
We venture out again in two weeks heading south.
This morning, it is drizzling rain. NO snow, ):  I love how the beads of water cling to the branches like tiny pearls. I can\’t get enough of the rain especially after a hot, insufferable fire season. Never complain about the rain! Oh, what a blessing it is for all of us. The trees and plants need it. The animals need it. Water is so precious.  


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