The Woods Behind the House

I haven\’t ventured out too far in the woods behind the house. Two black bears live back there somewhere along with a pack of coyotes that howl in the middle of the night. Their yips and calls echo through the valley. When their pups were younger, the whole family would join in. You could tell the pups from the parents if you listened close enough. 
I never understood how coyotes could be so maligned, chased and killed relentlessly and still are.  We have had the pleasure and gift of seeing them on our hikes in Point Reyes and along the California Coastal Trail in Bodega. One of the sights, I believe was a male who walked onto the path ahead of us (clearly he knew we were there), turned to stare back at us and stayed long enough for us to take a good, long look at him. 
Coyotes have a pure wild presence that is so powerful, I can see why some humans closed off from their true nature choose to destroy that. In California, coyotes have no protection, anyone can kill them without a permit or permission. Project Coyote is working to change that at
When I took care of a sheep farm during the time I had my pet sit business, I was relieved the farm had  non lethal coyote deterrents which included some experimental methods one of the government agencies was working on.  I know the county I\’m from keeps livestock dogs to protect their goat herd from getting picked off from predators.  
It is in my nature to worry about the two black bear and the pack of coyotes that live and travel through this property. Hopefully, they will cross properties where people honor them and know how to live with them instead of harming them.


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