This morning, the fog rolled in at Sunrise
Welcome to all the new readers of this blog and the old ones that have somehow found me and stuck with me through this bumpy ride!  
A couple of things.
If you subscribed, the subscription needs to be confirmed via your email, so if you didn\’t see the email from the blog, check your spam folder and confirm so you can receive the daily emails of the posts for the day. There is no charge for a subscription. The blog is free.
Comments are always welcome!  Except if they are unkind, than, they are automatically deleted. I don\’t mind disagreement, nastiness is unwelcome, that is why I am not on any social media platforms. Which brings me to.
Sharing. Please share the posts if you believe they are worthy. I am not on any social media platforms so I can\’t share.
You can write me. My email is janettravelshere@gmail.com
And last but not least, thank you for finding me through Jon Katz\’s blog http://www.bedlamfarm.com
I believe the readers of Jon\’s blog, most of them at least:) are kindred spirits. Many if not all of us our trying to find our way through this crazy, amazing life and Jon has been one of my guides and mentors through this journey. I am forever grateful to him and Maria. 
Thank you for reading the blog:)


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