Beautiful Space

A morning walk Scott and I took near the Columbia River
Portland Oregon
I am finding my blog to be a peaceful, beautiful place of sharing about so many things which now includes immeasurable loss. My writing and your comments  are weaving together a wonderful healing conversation.
It feels good to be able to speak and write freely about my life and my experience going through Scott\’s death. Our life together. Then. And now. Our life and my life moving forward moment by moment. And how I am learning to live deeper with an open and expanded heart.
There is so much more I want to share with you. 
This morning, Elizabeth one of our readers here expressed her love for her sister who sends her infusions of healing energy directly to Elizabeth\’s heart with pink and white light that keeps Elizabeth going for months. She misses her sister knowing her sister is always with her. I really loved hearing this. It gave me chills as I feel Scott and now my brother David infusing me with love and energy to carry me through the pain and shock of losing Scott.
The photo pictured above is outside a hotel Scott and I stayed at in Portland, Oregon. I remember being so excited that our room was upgraded to a King Suite and it had a spa tub with steps leading up to it.  I didn\’t tell Scott about the surprise upgrade until he saw it. He loved taking baths. I am so happy we splurged that day paying a little bit more than our usual budget motels.  
Thank you for all of your comments and sharing. It helps me and I\’m sure many of us experiencing loss get through the hard stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Space

  1. I'm 8-1/2 years out from losing my husband of 51 years. He too, was the love of my life. We met when I was 17 and he was 25. These days he would have been suspect at dating someone so young. I'm glad it was the old days in my case.He was diagnosed with melanoma in November and by the first part of May he was gone. 6 short months and much of that time we thought that his treatment would work. The grief work does become easier, the tears less but there isn't a day that I don't think about him, remembering still can bring tears…the worst is listening to songs. I've not put any effort into feeling his spirit, I'm not sure I believe in that. I'm happy for you that you do, that you feel Scott around you.Susan in Port Townsend


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