My Sister

Dungeness, Washington
One of our favorite places
Every morning since Scott died, my sister comes over for coffee. She lives next door. It is a bit of a hike to get here, she follows the trail joining the two properties through what looks like \”Little Red Riding Hood\’s woods).
I noticed, she always uses Scott\’s cup to drink her coffee. I haven\’t told her that\’s Scott\’s cup. I don\’t mind. I set it out for her and I never touch it or use it. The cup is just for her. I don\’t tell her that either.
Scott and her were close. They are both the babies of the family. Both number threes in the birth order. They understand each other. They used to walk the gardens here together almost everyday. Scott would help her with projects that she needed to tackle and didn\’t have enough time for. When he returned from his time with my sister, he would tell me how she talked to the plants and flowers, she knew each and every one. They would talk plant talk together. I would kind of smile and shrug it off. 
After Scott died, I noticed my sister going to her garden shed a lot. The other day, she came up to tell me that her shed was nice and warm. It was 27 degrees out.  We knew right away it was Scott, he always adjusted heaters and lights in houses, and constantly monitored and changed the temperature in the car to create a cozy ambient environment according to the desires of the person he was with. 
Yesterday, my sister was sitting in our living room with a cup of coffee, Scott\’s cup. My other sister was on the speaker phone.  All three sisters talking together. Suddenly my baby sister got up from her chair, and put on her fleece jacket and started for the door breaking the conversation.  I looked up at her and asked her if she was heading to her garden shed. She answered \”yes\” and went out the door.
I returned to the conversation with my other sister on the speaker phone and told her what happened. I told her \”our sister was heading to the garden shed to talk to Scott, he must be waiting for her there.\”


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4 thoughts on “My Sister

  1. What a wonderful person Scott was, to be so considerate of others. i love the last line in your essay today. His spirit is so strongly everywhere around you yet. May it be a comfort in these hard days.


  2. How beautiful your sisterhood – and that Scott gets it and continues to. I'm falling in love with his spirit.My BFF of 40 years was the sister-of-my-heart and soul sister. I miss having a sister SO much, but what a blessing to be given one for all those years. And she is with me all the time, in that way Scott will be for you. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt and there is a big hole in our everyday world, but sometimes she will fill my heart with pink and white light and keep my tank full for months.


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