Perfect View

Scott always wanted me to have the perfect view for lunch
San Francisco, California
This was the view the day we had our Dim Sum Lunch from Ranch 99
Driving on the way to Pacifica through Daly City, I noticed a store I had never seen before. I asked Scott to pull over, something told me that good food could be found at Ranch 99 Market. I had never shopped at a Ranch 99. Scott changed lanes, stopping at the turn signal, within seconds he maneuvered into the parking lot like a bull. He was an excellent driver who followed the rules most of the time, having no patience for drivers who lacked common courtesy or were to hesitant to make a move. 
I jumped out the car, asking him to wait for me. I didn\’t want any distraction shopping for our lunch. Scott liked to take his time making choices. I just wanted to grab and go.  Ranch 99 turned out to be an Asian Market which thrilled me. I felt like I was traveling in another country as I picked out several delicacies behind the counter. The Chinese-American lady was patient with me as I pointed to pork buns with green onions, shrimp dumplings, and pot stickers. Carrying two large styrofoam containers to the van, I climbed in and set them on my lap. I couldn\’t wait for Scott to see what I picked out for our lunch.
Scott started up the van, leaving the parking lot, he headed for a lunch spot. Hungry, I waited for him to find a park nearby. I should have known better. 
Scott got back on the Great Highway, stopping at one than two beaches. Not good enough. Continuing on, my face fell as he left Daly City heading to San Francisco. My stomach grumbled. I wanted to say something, but I kept quiet. 
A voice stirred inside me telling me to be patient, let him drive. I relaxed in my seat, enjoying the view, rolling down the window I let the breeze from Ocean Beach come through. It filled me with memories of growing up in the City. I watched as Scott climbed the hill passing the Cliff House, than his favorite Hotel, the Seal Rock Inn and Louis Restaurant where he took me to breakfast one morning several months ago.
Scott kept driving. Until he found the perfect spot. A parking space opened, parking the van, he turned off the key and looked at me.
\”Is this okay\”.
I looked out of the window at the Golden Gate Bridge, the blue waters, and white sailboats in the far distance.
\”Honey, this is a million dollar view. This is the best view in the City. I can\’t believe you got it with all the crowds of people\”. 
We grabbed our bamboo chopsticks, our plates we kept in the van and opened up the containers. Sitting back, we ate our lunch looking out over the San Francisco Bay.
Inside, I was so happy that I didn\’t try to stop Scott from finding me the perfect view.


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2 thoughts on “Perfect View

  1. What a view and so perfect for the lunch you picked out. We do crazy things like that, taking “the road less traveled” as Paul calls it. Like you, I have learned to be patient, keep quiet, and enjoy the journey.


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