Picnics in the Car

Seagull flying over Bodega Bay, CA
One of our picnics in the car
We loved having picnics in the car, even before we started traveling on the road full-time. We kept plates, bamboo utensils, and napkins with small containers of condiments (salt, pepper, tabasco sauce) in a small cooler bag between the front seats.
While we traveled along the back roads through Sonoma and sometimes Marin County, Scott would stop the car at farm stands and small specialty grocery stores that called us over. I remember we bought raspberries that were so sweet, we couldn\’t wait. We ate them on our way to our destination by the handful. They tasted like candy.  
As we foraged along the back roads, small brown bags would pile up, overflowing the cooler bag. Fresh baked sourdough from a wood fire oven, fresh fruit, a cheese from a local cheese shop, a jar of raw honey from the bee store, nuts (Scott loved nuts), a bar of dark chocolate, macaroni salad (Scott loved Asiago in it) and any number of specialty foods we could gather on our travels. I remember finding a raw vegetarian pizza that Scott thought was one of the best pizzas he ever had. After hours of driving, Scott would find a spot, always in nature. We would unravel all the goodies placing them on the dashboard like a buffet. Sometimes, we would carry everything to a picnic table. It depended on the weather and if there were a lot of people around. If there were too many people, we would find a shaded spot and stay in the car with the windows rolled down.
We loved sharing meals together. Enraptured by our choices, we talked about why the food was so good and what we liked about it. Scott never shamed me around food or my choices and I never shamed him. We might discuss healthier choices and change our diet to reflect our new way of eating, but he never hinted or put pressure on me about my weight. My weight fluctuated up and down during our relationship. He loved me no matter what I weighed or what I looked like. 
He always told me I was beautiful.


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