Lady has a message


It\’s been cold, clear and beautiful here. The temperature goes backwards and forwards on a line fluctuating between 27 and 36 degrees as winter approaches. Sleet arrived, with it a bit of slush. It melted before I could see it. The snow has not made an appearance. 
Today, a lady bug did.
I was sitting in my usual spot, lounging really, with the laptop on my lap.  Looking out the window. I felt a quiet nudge to open the window to let the cold air clear the house. Upon opening the window, I noticed a small flying bug, immediately recognizing the red shell with tiny black dots. A ladybug, how could she survive the cold weather these past few weeks.
Pulling the curtains to the side, I looked back at the screen and she was gone.
My spirit animal guide book revealed ladybugs represent pure love and are the bridge from the natural world to the celestial.
I feel my world expanding and deepening in a way I never thought possible. I feel Scott\’s love more intense and pure than ever. 
My promise is to keep my eyes and heart open as the journey unfolds. My love for Scott lives forever inside of me as it shows itself in the world before me.

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