So So Hard

Lake Crescent, Washington
Scott loved it here and always talked about us going back and getting a cabin
We only stayed for a couple of hours, it was magical
Today, another step in letting go of our life we had. 

So hard. So hard. I miss Scott, so much. It\’s painful. No matter how much I cry and how much it hurts, I can\’t bring him back. I\’m so glad he made sure we didn\’t work very much these last three years and that almost every day we were with each other except a handful of days we were separated. We spent almost every waking and sleeping hour together. 

Every moment with him was precious.

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2 thoughts on “So So Hard

  1. Hugs….I lost my husband of lost 51 years 8-1/2 years ago to melanoma. There still is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. He was the love of my life from the time I was 17 until I was 69. I can't tell you anything about grieving, you are learning that, but I can tell you that it becomes less in the forefront of you mind and eventually can settle into a quiet place of memory. The one thing I wish is that I had been a journaler or a blogger for at least some of the last 20 years which were the best. You will have all the blog entries you've written.Susan Sawatzky


  2. Thank you Susan for sharing. I believe the beautiful thing is all of our relationships are so unique and beautiful. Our journeys with our loved ones are like snowflakes and jewels, not one the same, each so beautiful and precious and perfect for each and every one of us


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