Music was Scott\’s passion. 

Scott played music every chance he got, at home, in the car, at work, wherever we went there was music. We went to see bands at the local speakeasy, at clubs, and free concerts. When we first met Scott introduced me to Samantha Fish.  Do yourself a treat tonight and watch her at

I uploaded one of my favorites, and I\’m thinking Scott\’s too from You Tube here on this post.

One day, I was searching for music events to schedule for us on our day off. I couldn\’t believe I found a free concert in Cloverdale, not even an hour away from home, Samantha Fish, playing, free!

I will never forget that night. Somehow Scott maneuvered me to the front of the stage where I was inches in front of her while she played guitar. There were hundreds of people. Scott stood behind me a few feet. He wanted to watch me lose myself in the music. He was there, always, making sure no one stepped on me or pushed me out of my spot.

I remember turning around and seeing him smiling, knowing and enjoying, how much the music took me away.

Go ahead, just watch her and I think you will get what I mean. That\’s one of the reasons of so many reasons why I love Scott. He wanted people to lose themselves in the magic of being here.

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