Skipping the News

JJ Cale and Eric Clapton
Uploaded from YouTube
Scott loved introducing me to music I wasn\’t familiar with. Most of the time, I loved all of the music, he played for me. 
One of my favorites was JJ Cale. 
In the hot summer evening, we would lie on the bed, with the window open until midnight, listening to JJ Cale with Scott explaining JJ Cale\’s influence on Eric Clapton.
Scott was discerning when it came to entertainment. He rarely read the news or watched junk television. He preferred music to any other kind of entertainment.
Sitting on the couch or in the car with my cellphone going, Scott would say \”whatcha doin?\”
I would respond \”just glancin at the news\”.
He would smile and shake his head. \”You know the news just makes you anxious and upset. You shouldn\’t look at it\”.
After Scott died, I got a strong feeling, a guidance, a feeling of a door slamming shut, that I must not read the news or watch television. And I stopped. I haven\’t read one word of news or watched any television since Scott\’s been gone. I haven\’t even checked the weather which I did everyday, sometimes a few times a day. I don\’t web surf anymore either unless I am looking for a particular piece of information which I find the internet is sorely lacking most of the time. That is why libraries are so extremely important.
Since quitting the news and the distraction of junk television, I find my intuition is sharpening, I can hear and see things I haven\’t been able to in the past because of the static energy of what is pumped out of that box in the corner, or flat screen nowadays.
The other day, my baby sister came over, and said she was going to start communicating with the deer. They had information to share with her. Soon after, the baby fawn appeared in our kitchen window looking at both of us, my sister and I, right into our souls.
When my sister told me about her new information source, communicating with the deer, I totally got it. I\’m communicating with Scott, the clouds, the ravens, the mountain lion, the deer, and the tiny bird that hops below my window. I had a conversation with the stars the other night and I felt their response so deep inside, it lifted me to the sky.
I get it, now, Scott.
When I need to know something, I know where to go.


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