On the Mountain

Home on the Mountain
It looks like I am going to be staying here for awhile, most likely until Spring, maybe longer.
I am not reading the news anymore. 
From the bits and pieces I\’ve gathered, COVID is spiking, sheltering in is getting buttoned back up again.
I have been generously offered the gift of staying at our home in the mountains for the foreseeable future.
It is a safe place for me. 
I will be able to write whenever I want and read my stack of books.
Commune with the trees, animals, and nature.
Visit with my sister every morning for coffee.
Spend time with my nieces and their menagerie.
Be somewhat close to family and friends.
And most of all, I will be able to allow myself the luxury, many of us, in the system we have created, cannot have the time or space for, grieve the loss of my partner, best friend, and soulmate Scott.
I am thankful for this home, my readers who support this blog by first of all reading it, sharing it, and sending donations when they can for me to continue to write and support myself, your emails which I cherish, and this beautiful place that feels like it is a sacred place floating between Heaven and Earth. 
Thank you for being here.


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