Whose Eyes

Somewhere in Washington
I can\’t remember
Scott found it on the back roads
Whose eyes do we see with I wonder.
When we measure a person\’s worth, whose eyes are we seeing with.
Are we seeing with our eyes, our eyes, connected to our heart and spirit.
Or are we seeing with the eyes that someone else wants us to see with.  Are we seeing with the eyes the corporations want us to see through, the marketing machine that\’s appetite is never satiated wants us to feast upon, the politics of separation, the rigidity of religion, the eyes of a judgmental parent, partner or friend who has the false belief that life should be conducted and orchestrated the way they believe life should be lived.
Maybe it is time to look with fresh eyes. To see what we see from our own hearts, our intuition, our spiritual connection to all of life, and the universe and the universe beyond this one.
To see with an open heart, an open mind, a longing spirit who sees what is truly there not what the mind has been programmed to see.
Then. Maybe, just maybe we will begin to see what is truly important in this life. 


Published by As the Road Wanders

Travel Blogger and Traveler

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