Reading to Sleep

Scott driving us through Coos Bay, Oregon
My Uncle used to Commercial Fish Here in the 1970s
before he was \”lost at sea\”
Scott wanted to take me there to see where my uncle fished
Scott fished too, Salmon, with his dad and brother out at Bodega Bay
He loved telling me stories of his \”fishing days\”
This morning, I listen to my youngest niece read to her class and teacher via Zoom. They are being schooled at home during COVID.  My niece is an excellent reader. her voice tells the story with emotion, and drama suited to the story. I listen as she describes the ladybug, the heroine of the book and her wild adventures at sea.
I used to read to Scott, snuggled all comfy in bed.
He liked when I read to him. He never made it passed the first chapter. I am not a great \”out loud\” reader. I read in monotone, which worked perfect for Scott. Scott sometimes had a hard time falling asleep at night. I had two tricks to send him snoring away. 
The first one almost always worked. Rubbing his back.
The second one never failed. I read to him. 
I loved reading to him. Once in awhile, he stayed up long enough to discuss an idea or two from the book I was reading. That didn\’t last long though, soon enough, Scott was dreaming away, while I kept reading until I got sleepy too.


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