Empty Spaces

On our way driving to Bellingham, Washington
I felt so much melancholy in this area
I didn\’t want to stay long
So we didn\’t
I only have two or three photos of us, together. Scott took most of the photos of us, our life, and our travels together.  His photos are locked away in his phone and laptop, and somewhere in the cloud. That\’s why you only see me posting  photos of what we saw on our trips, and hardly any photos together.  My photos are not anywhere near as good as Scott\’s. Scott was the photographer and a very good one. I love the beauty he saw through his lens. One of the restaurants we went to regularly in Sonoma County wanted his photos up on their wall. He never got around to it. 
So, unfortunately, you are only seeing through my eyes.
That is one of the many things I will miss from our partnership. Seeing through each other\’s eyes. A different perspective. Sometimes of course, that can be frustrating, if there is disagreement. Most of the time, though, it expanded my world into a richer experience. Both of us loved introducing each other to experiences that the other had not experienced before or at least not together as a couple.
What was really fun, though, was sharing a new adventure, that neither of us had tried before.
Anything and everything could be an adventure. Like the time we both came down with colds. 
Before the scares and deaths of the pandemic.
We felt the colds coming about the same time. The sore throat. The chills. The fever. The worst for me is the sore throats. I try everything to numb them out. I will go through boxes of popsicles to avoid the pain.
Both of us were feeling miserable, sick, lying together on the sweaty bed. Cooped up. Suffering through it.
An idea popped up in my head. I grabbed my cellphone and started my search. Within minutes I found a great deal in the Napa Valley.
\”Scott, do you want to go to a Bed and Breakfast. It is such a good deal. I have never seen a deal like this in Napa, before. And free breakfast in the morning, and happy hour too.\”
Within minutes, Scott\’s bag was packed and so was mine. 
We forgot about our fevers as we drove from Sonoma to the Napa Valley. The day was a beautiful blue, the golden hills had turned to a rain forest green from the recent storms. A light breeze touched the air promising spring around the corner. The sun yellow mustard waved as we passed by the estate vineyards with their extravagant gardens and monstrous gates leading up to the wine caves and tasting rooms.
At the Bed and Breakfast, check in was smooth and efficient, within minutes we settled in our room. Two fluffy white robes hung in the closet, a claw foot tub with luxury bath products waited in the bathroom, there was a table in a sitting area to the side of the bedroom to set our breakfast trays on, a large flat screen television, wine country magazines to flip through, a large window overlooking the Napa Valley with shutters to keep out the sun for naps and sleeping in, tea and coffee, room service, and a King Size bed with decadent bedding and king size pillows.
We stayed for two days, never leaving the room, pampering ourselves until we felt better. We watched movies, took baths, Scott put the plush white robe on even though he said he didn\’t like them, meals were brought up to the room, we sipped tea, took naps sleeping for hours.  We didn\’t have to do anything but take care of ourselves.
Later, remembering our time, at the bed and breakfast. We both would smile at each other. We knew how to have fun even when we weren\’t feeling well. 
That\’s why I love Scott so much. He was game for practically anything.


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