A Gentleman

Recently my middle sister was reminding me about the time, we went to see Elvin Bishop. 


It was a drizzling rain, cold, dark winter night. Scott, my sister and I barely squeezed into the club. It was standing room only except for a few chairs. My sister and I worked our way to the stage, Scott was behind us. Always behind us. Keeping a look out, to make sure nobody bumped us or was aggressive. 

We got right up to the stage, after an hour or so, I was ready to hang back and just sit. No chairs. My sister told me and I never knew this until the other day, that Scott went to the back of the club and dug up two chairs for my sister and I.  When he brought the chairs over, my sister said to him \”is that okay, getting the chairs from in the back,\” Scott just looked at her and said \”Yeah, I did it\”.  

Scott found a place, I don\’t know how, where we weren\’t crowded in, and set the two chairs down. My sister and I sat together enjoying the music for the rest of the evening.

He got us beers and got one for himself too. I think most of the time, Scott got more enjoyment seeing other people have a good time. 

He was a gentleman. And protective too. Nothing was going to happen to you if Scott was there. 

I really don\’t think there is a cooler guy than that. 

I was so lucky, so lucky, to have him in my life.

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