Growing up On Pizza


Paul McCartney with Wings
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Scott grew up on pizza.  When he was a kid his parents moved to the Sierras and opened a pizza shack.  The family lived above the business. Scott would crawl out the second story window, sliding down the snow on top of the roof, landing on his feet, he would head off to school.

When he stayed home from school, he loved playing the pin ball machines at his family\’s business while his mom ran the front.  That\’s when he first heard Paul McCartney and Wings come out with the song \”1985\”. He played the pin ball machines to it. 

I could totally picture him playing Pinball listening to Wings. I fell in love with him again like I was a young girl on a crush when he told me.

I never heard \”1985\”

Until Scott played it for me.  I loved it so much, I asked him to play it again, and again, and again. Scott laughed and smiled. He loved that I loved the song too.  I couldn\’t get enough of this song. I still can\’t.

\”1985\” will always bring a smile to my face. I will get to remember Scott playing pinball every time I hear it. 

Recently I read this interview with Paul McCartney. I wanted to share it with you along with the song \”1985\”.

-Paul McCartney in Rolling Stone sharing about communicating with Linda McCartney after her death

\”Nothing you’d really want to go into, because it’s very private, but there were strange, metaphysical occurrences that seemed to mean something. Animal noises. Bird noises. You’d ask yourself a question under the stars, and, like, there’d be like an owl in the valley going whoo-whoo-whoo. Things like that.\” 



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