On Search for the Bald Eagle

Mural On Fence 
Guerneville, Northern California
Scott and I were always on the search for the elusive Bald Eagle. In Jenner, California, on the Sonoma Coast, lives a famous pair of bald eagles. Locals and travelers from in and out of the area love to photograph the pair perched on driftwood logs, flying above the blue teal jewel sea and if they are fortunate with a fish gripped tightly in their claws.  On our days off, Scott and I would pack our lunch, usually sandwiches, chips, and bottles of juice or water and head out to Bodega Bay and wind our way to Jenner. Up at the cliffs, Scott would search for the Eagles while I watched the harbor seals lounge on the sand, napping and rolling into each other, eventually slipping back into the sea. 

This afternoon, my mom and I took a ride out to the town of Guerneville, we didn\’t make it out as far as Jenner. Driving through the pouring rain, bringing much needed water to the Redwood Rain forest, I remembered Scott and I traveling the same roads. So many wonderful memories and adventures, we shared together hiking and sitting in the redwood forest, watching the birds and seals out at the coast, and eating our \”gourmet\” packed home lunches, set out like a feast on the dashboard of the car, or an empty picnic table. 

In Guerneville, I found this colorful mural, and started taking photos. I am finding that my sadness and sorrow lifts from losing Scott when I take photos. I feel he is with me. He was always taking photos on our travels and back roads. He had a great eye, and I loved what he saw through his camera.

When I got home and uploaded the photo of the mural for this blog post, I noticed the bald eagle on the lower left corner. I hadn\’t seen it when I took the shot of the fence line.

Bald Eagles were one of Scott\’s favorite birds. Now, every time I see one I will remember Scott, our time together, and his love and devotion to seeing and taking photos of nature whenever he could. 








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