On a Date

In Olympia, Washington
After weeks of camping
Scott and I treated ourselves to a King Suite at the Red Lion
The room had a view of the pool that we swam in later that night
In the bathroom, there were polished steps leading to a huge spa bathtub
After our swim and baths
Scott invited me out for a date, we got dressed and took the elevator down
We found a comfortable sofa in the hotel bar lounge
Scott bought me this fancy girly drink
and he ordered \”a man\” drink
It was one of the most special times ever

My brother David had a soulmate too. Her name was and is Regina. Regina worked as an RN at the local hospital.  On her day off, David and her would dress as clowns, all dolled up, and visit the children at the hospital. After their visits, singing and playing with the kids, they would drive, still dressed as clowns to downtown Santa Rosa. Holding hands, they would mime and dance down the streets, making people laugh and kids smile.  
They loved to play. 
When Regina died.
Her funeral was somber. Her family wore black. The memorial was conservative. The air was heavy with sorrow.
While the people slowly filed into the church. David was putting on his face, while he was crying inside. 
He pulled on his puffy outfit with billowing satin gold yellow legs and rainbow circles of color. Looking down with painted face, he gathered an armful of single bright flowers and drove the short distance to the church.
And then.
He danced into the church, with his big floppy shoes and his clown outfit. He swirled and shook his \”booty\” at everyone up and down the aisle, stopping to hand each one of them a flower. 
That was my brother, David.
This morning, he reminded me of that story as I played my music remembering Scott.


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