Hope and a Short Road Trip

Jenner, California
Where the River meets the Sea
This morning, I got dressed and took off on a short road trip to Jenner. Jenner is a small town near Bodega Bay. It is where the river meets the sea. Turning on the radio to a seventies station, I drove Occidental Road out to Monte Rio near the Russian River. I turned up the heat in the car and rolled down the windows greeting a beautiful blue sparkling day. I felt Scott in the car with me along with my dogs, my horses, my goats, my Aunt Cathy, David and Regina, all of my people and animals who are on the \”other side\”. 
You might say \”How did she fit all of those people and animals in her car?\”
I have no idea. I can just tell you all of them were in the car with me.
In that moment, I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy, like the kind of joy you may have experienced on a hot summer night, where you are so in the now, you are deep in a sense of immortality.
Winding the country roads heading to the ocean, during this moment, my seventies station started playing \”It\’s Magic\” https://youtu.be/ASGgn8bNQuA
    Oh, ho, ho
It\’s magic you know
Never believe, it\’s not so
It\’s magic, you know

At the town of Duncan Mills, I stopped at our favorite deli, picked up a veggie sandwich, chips and a coconut water and headed out to the sea. At the visitor\’s parking lot, I watched the ripples of water, the few guests checking out kayaks, and a flock of charcoal grey coots splash water at each other. I\’ve never witnessed them play like this before. 
I stayed for a half hour. 
This morning, I found my way on the path again. I know I will keep falling. And I know I can keep picking myself back up again. Like \”B\” said. I have a lot of support.

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