General Vallejo\’s Home & Fountain
Sonoma, California
I love exploring the mysteries of life and the eternal. Yesterday, I mentioned meeting a \”feral\” cat, a smokey cream tortoiseshell. She turned out not to be so feral after all.  Ignoring the ranger\’s caution that \”she bites\”, I found a place to sit, where the kitty slid up next to me purring away as I petted her.  
I forgot to mention, the Park Ranger told me the cat who lives at General Vallejo\’s State Park is called  \”Sophia\” when I inquired if she had a name.   This afternoon, reading my book, Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson, Sophia is mentioned. 
I wasn\’t familiar with Sophia or forgot her meaning, looking further, I found Sophia means \”wisdom\” and in the Gnostics, her followers worship her as the divine female creator and counterpart to Jesus Christ. In the Gnostics, Christ is conceived of two aspects, a male half identified as the son of God, and the female half called Sophia, who is the Mother of the Universe.
I looked through my photos remembering I had taken a photo of Sophia, the cat, by the fountain at the park yesterday. I can\’t find the photo anywhere. I know she was very real and I am honored she invited me to spend time with her.
I will look for her again at the park in Sonoma next time I visit. 

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