Making Friends

\”Close friendships are one of life\’s miracles-that a few people get to know you deeply, all your messy or shadowy stuff along with the beauty and sweetness, and they still love you. Not only still love, but love you more and more deeply. I would do anything for my closest friends, and they would do almost anything for me, and that is about as spiritual a truth as you can get.
-Anne Lamott
This afternoon, I felt lost, missing Scott. Then, his daughter reached out to me and I feel him here through her wisdom and heart.  When I need to take a deep breath, I am supported. And I hope in my words, I am supporting and comforting others as well.
Right before, Scott\’s daughter reached out to me, I was looking for a photo I took of Scott that I am ready to share now. This photo is of Scott sitting at Drake\’s Beach, nearby, if you look close, you will see a Seagull.
There is a story here.
That day, both Scott and I were sitting looking out at the sea at Drake\’s Bay in Marin County, north of San Francisco.  There was a large flock of seagulls numbering in the hundreds. An outcast, a forlorn looking seagull was by himself separate from the flock. He looked depressed, his face tucking towards his wing with one eye looking out.
Scott started talking to him. Asking him his name and how he was doing over there. I watched as Scott kept sweetly talking to this beat up sad seagull.  Within a few short minutes, the seagull pulled himself together, and moved inch by inch towards Scott.
Surprised, I watched as the seagull hopped onto the large piece of driftwood we were sitting on, finding a spot on Scott\’s side of the log. He kept company with Scott, with us, while Scott continued communicating with him until we got up to go.
It was such a sweet moment of connection that lasted almost an hour.
We both said goodbye to the seagull as we turned to walk back along the beach returning to our van waiting for us in the parking lot.
“Don\’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”
― Richard Bach


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