Abyss of Unknowing

This morning I shared coffee and conversation with my sister Lisa Hamilton, Poet/Yoga Instructor/Ordained Minister at http://www.yogasom.com We recorded a taste of our coffee hour conversation on my new podcast. We talked about the Abyss of Unknowing, visioning, co-creating and a road trip we took to a small town in Sonoma County. I hope youContinue reading “Abyss of Unknowing”

Is Today all About Food, Nope

Raspberry Frosted Donuts with Peanut Butter and raspberry jam inside The Donut Man The day started with coffees at Blue Bottle and donuts, one Raspberry Frosted with peanut butter and one Fresh Apple from The Donut Man at Grand Central Market in Downtown, LA.  Today and tonight, it\’s all about food. The day is notContinue reading “Is Today all About Food, Nope”

Sensory Overload

Photo through the splattered windshield Koreatown Buses, People, PalmsLos Angeles On the way to Seal Beach and back, I took photos, my senses on overload. My experience, words, and pictures feel like a collage of feelings, emotions, and color.  While traveling, it\’s best not to compare places I visit to \”Home\”.  Home being the SonomaContinue reading “Sensory Overload”