Born Free

Mama and Baby Deer
With Scott
Washington, USA
\”Wildlife is something which man cannot construct. Once it is gone, it is gone forever. Man can rebuild a pyramid, but he can\’t rebuild ecology, or a giraffe.\”
-Joy Adamson

Today, I have been thinking about Joy Adamson, how courageous she was. One of my favorite films as a kid, I\’ve watched it dozens of times is \”Born Free\”.  After watching the movie and reading Joy Adamson\’s books, my dreams of living in Africa, raising lion cubs, and being free consumed me for years as a young girl.

Now, I am going to have to embrace that kind of courage of adventure and loss, while holding sadness and joy on the next steps of my journey. Right now, I am struggling with feeling stuck and not moving forward, grieving Scott horribly, and wanting to expand my world. 

I am seeking to move forward without anything concrete yet. I have applied to volunteer at several animal sanctuaries in Mexico and Hawaii, both areas I can navigate during COVID. So far, nothing has come through. My patience is being tested. I feel like I cannot properly grieve or live fully where I am now, so my search continues to find where my next home will be.

On Elsa the Lion\’s return from the Wild;

“When I joined her a few moments later, she licked my arm, embraced me with her paw and hugged me to her wet body. We relaxed after the morning’s excitement. I felt very touched by her gentleness and the care with which she treated my skin and avoided scratching me with claws that only a few minutes ago had been so deadly to the thick skin of a powerful buffalo.”
― Joy Adamson

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