\”Whatever the present moment contains, 
accept it as if you had chosen it.\”
-Eckhart Tolle 
Yesterday, I went for a walk with my sister. A very short walk. Just enough of a walk to breathe in winter and take some photos.  The fragrance of bay leaves scented the clean air from the recent storm. Slowly, we continued down the paved road, stopping to take photos along the way. A full creek bubbled with water from the recent rains forging a passage through the woods. A great, big hawk with sleek chestnut feathers running down his back perched on top of a tree, his head pointed straight down, eyes searching the area for prey while a monogamous pair of black crows cawed back and forth to each other keeping watch.
A couple walked by with matching labs, one black, one yellow, all of them perfectly groomed like they had walked out of a photo from a wine country living magazine. I admired their look, the man, who reminded me of one of those European men in a romance movie turned and smiled at me as he unlocked their private gate while we passed by. The dogs took off through the fallen leaves having been released from their leashes. The well dressed couple disappeared over the creek heading towards their impressive home on the other side of the woods. 
 I looked down at my black fleece jacket (Scott\’s jacket), my loose fitting boy jeans, my socks covering my feet in my Keen sandals (the ones Scott found for me) and thought to myself, how comfortable I feel, no style, just comfort. How I can enjoy people and their lives now with no envy, just curiosity.

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