What Matters

This afternoon a walk after the rain
Sonoma County
Northern California
Life teaches us this. Life teaches us that. We hear this all of our lives from our friends, teachers, parents, partners, we read it everywhere in the lines of books and on little bits of paper placed under a magnet on our refrigerator door. Pay attention to Life. Life is a great teacher.
When it comes to a great teacher in my humble life and opinion, nothing tops Death. 
Death is the ultimate teacher. Death waves at us from the illusion of distance and time trying to get our attention, reminding us of what is truly important. Most of the time, we ignore Death and pretend it is not there, too afraid to look, closing our ears to Death\’s messages.
Death can teach us so many things if we would allow ourselves to push passed our fears and listen with an open heart, a present mind, and a willing spirit. 
Do you think money really matters?  Do you think cars and jewelry really matter?  How about that fancy house, clothes, books, trips, status, awards, credentials, careers, businesses, convictions, opinions, checking accounts, what people might think of you?
When Death comes to the ones we love, all of that stuff stored in our homes and stuck in our heads is worthless. You can\’t trade any of it to get the one you love back. And believe me, if we could, we would, but we can\’t make that deal and that is what Death is waving to us about.
Death is trying to get our attention to let us know what is really important in this life. All we have to do is listen. Listen to what Death is trying to tell us.
Death is our greatest teacher, we just have to listen.
What Death has taught me may be different than what Death may teach you.
Death has taught me how important love is. Love is the purpose of being here. How important touch is. You can never touch the person you have lost anymore. There is never enough touch, never enough touching in this life. Listening, oh how important it is to listen to the ones you love, because you will never hear their voice in the same way again. Time, how time is so precious, each and every moment, try not to waste the moments. You may have only one more moment left. 
Regrets, regrets are a waste of time, forgive yourself, and the ones you love whether they are still here or transitioned on, because love is all there is. Love never dies. Keep on loving. 
It\’s really the only thing that matters, just ask Death.


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2 thoughts on “What Matters

  1. You know, the older I get the more people I have known die, of course. I have no belief in an after life and while I regret the passing of a good friend, I accept it. People live and people die. That's really all there is to it.


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