Shh Quiet

The quieter you become, the more you can hear
-Ram Dass

Last night, I did a guided meditation to communicate with lost loved ones. Reanna, my grey horse and Frankie, my African Grey Parrot visited me during the meditation. I wasn\’t expecting my animals to visit me through the \”portal door\”. 

When Frankie, my parrot was here, he was extremely demanding. It was like having 10 boyfriends all at once, he always wanted my attention. It was challenging keeping him happy and filling up his day with activity. Years later, when I adopted Katie, my German Shepherd who was surrendered by her owners during Hurricane Katrina, Frankie left me for Katie. He fell in love with her. 

In the mornings, before leaving for work, I would do some yoga and meditate. I was much more disciplined back then with my spiritual practice. Frankie, my parrot would climb down from his perch and as I closed my eyes with my legs crossed in a yoga position, Frankie would quietly whisper to the dogs. 

\’\’shhhh, quiet\”

I couldn\’t help but smile. Seeing he got a reaction from me. My smile. He would repeat the words in a soft voice (parrot\’s of course can mimic a voice to perfection).

\”shhh, quiet\”

I didn\’t need a guided meditation tape or calming music. 

I had Frankie:)


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