Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Fountain in Town Square
Sausalito, California
After our trip to the Marin Headlands, my sister and I stopped by Sausalito ( In Spanish, meaning a place of abundance), a small seaside town overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 
A very Expensiiivvve…..tourist spot. I love visiting, I love walking the wooden planks at the harbor looking at the luxury yachts, watching locals and visitors enjoy their coffee and fancy brunches at the outdoor cafes, arriving with their newspapers tucked under one arm.  When we were kids, our elementary school would take us on the ferry from San Francisco to visit Sausalito . I remember sitting on the rocks, searching for tiny dark shiny purple crabs that scattered about, hiding in the crevices as the waves from the blue bay gently touched the edge.
Yesterday in Sausalito ( I love how the name of the town rolls off my tongue), there was some kind of seagull conference going on. I\’ve never seen so many seagulls, so excited, chattering in gull language, completely ignoring the skeleton crowd of tourists walking the boardwalk of mostly closed shops and shuttered restaurants. Looking down into the large rock formations partially submerged in the cold salt water, I watched as hundreds of seagulls bobbed and floated on top of the water, waiting their turn as they watched the other gulls harvest a purple seaweed underneath the green mossy covered rocks. They were so excited about it. I tried to find out what kind of seaweed it was, but I wasn\’t able to identify it. In the photo you can see the gulls waiting and floating while the other gulls are peering down searching for the vegetable of the sea.
Seagulls harvesting purple seaweed
After watching the gulls, my sister and I walked up and down the boardwalk. Only a handful of tourist shops with the same old tired sweatshirts, t-shirts, and coffee cups (made in China) were open along with a candy shop and an ice cream shop with no takers. The Italian seafood restaurants were boarded up and closed, only a hamburger stand was open with a long line of people waiting, most of them surfing on their cell phones until their number was called for their brown bag of take out.
After, our short walk, before getting back into the car, I crossed the small side street to take a photo of the fountain in the square. The violet colors of the flowers sprouting from the large green hedges in front of the flowing fountain called to me. 
Later, in the evening, when I looked at my photos from the day, I was surprised to see a purple haze across the photos of the fountain appearing on the two photos I captured. 
I don\’t know what the purple seaweed and the purple haze was about yesterday. For me, it was part of the mystery, the magic of life. 
Yesterday, my friend Becca was sending long distance Reiki for me and Scott. Reiki is a healing energy that can be sent long distance or hands on for well being. 
This morning, I looked up the color purple in the Reiki Chakra color chart. The color purple represents the crown chakra, the higher self, the universe, the source and the divine. Access to enlightenment and higher states of consciousness.



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