Raven Time

Marin Headlands
Northern California, USA
This morning, my sister drove us out to the Marin Headlands near the Golden Gate Bridge. She wanted to show me the black sand beach. At the vista point, a cloaked shadow of fog hid the sea, my sister parked the car, so we could take a break from driving.  On the back seat, in a neat white box, two mixed berry tarts piped with a silky light custard cream from the Patisserie et Boulangerie near home were tucked away for the right moment.
Mixed Berry Tarts with Custard, topped with Meringue
I opened my car door, sliding out, I stretched, breathing in the cool mist tasting the salt air through my mask. Two velvet black ravens greeted me, a portion of my tart slipped from my hands, the pair gobbled up berries and cream while a tiny flock of white crowned sparrows flew in to devour the leftover crumbs. I peered into the sparrows animated faces as they happily searched for lost specks along the parking lot pavement.
White Crowned Sparrow
The flock followed me as I walked a straight line following the metal barrier rails to the end of the parking lot. The sparrows hopped and skipped behind me while the pair of ravens took short flight easily catching up. I smiled with happiness, as the birds lifted and carried my sadness while we listened to the waves crash against the rocks at the sea below. 

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