Who Is Charmian?

\”My love for Jack is a sort of worship. Not a fetish sort of thing. It is a grand emotion—a high passion. I seem to love, as always, as in a beaming light of him. Whom better could one worship? I say it to a friend of his. He was so grand. His light is immortal to me—even if he is not. I think you recognize the feeling. It preludes despair or true loneliness. It has been and the after-glow is, and shall be forever. I know he would weep should I miss one thrill of living. Rather, would he rejoice in that he better fitted me for life and living. Cheerful, I rise from my bed. I possess worthwhileness, whether worthwhileness really be or not. I will to create worthwhileness for myself, while I may last in the flesh. I will not die while I am still living. I will not to die by moments, by inches. I will to die all at once, and completely. Is that a worn and tattered creed? I think not.\”
– Charmian Kittredge London

This afternoon, I am starting a new book by Iris Jamahl Dunkle, \”Charmian Kittredge London: Trailblazer, Author, Adventurer\”.  I don\’t know much about Charmian except for visiting her home several times at Jack London State Park in Sonoma County and a street around the corner from my family\’s home is named \”Charmian\” after her.
I do know she was an adventurer, a writer, and married to Jack London until his death at forty years of age. She was creative, independent, a free spirit who rode horses and loved to be at sea with her husband. She wrote and published four books about their travels.  
From Mary Magdalene to Charmian Kittredge London, there is a world of courageous women out there, hidden waiting to be discovered.
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