Small Dreams

Northern, California
\”We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming-well, that\’s like saying 
you can never change your fate.\”
-Amy Tan

When Scott was here, I had big dreams. Dreams of adventure and big trips around the world. Dreams of growing old with my partner. Dreams of having a cottage, a dog, maybe horses, and gardens with my best friend, my soulmate when we were older after returning from our travels. In the morning, in the afternoon, driving on the back roads, traveling, eating our picnic lunches, fixing dinner, waking up together in the middle of the night, we shared our dreams with each other and how we could make them happen. Every single day.

Today, my dreams are simple. Sketches really. An outline of my day. 

My wish for the day is to keep my heart open, to listen for Scott, read passages from my books stacked on my white comforter on my bed, take a walk and a short trip on the back roads losing myself in the San Francisco Bay Area, find wonder in nature, take a few photos, share and write, and fall peacefully asleep at night. 

This is my dream for myself. I am content with this dream. I don\’t need anything big to happen. I don\’t want for much. Just peace and wonder. That is more than enough for now.

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