Spools of Vines

 Carneros Valley 
Sonoma – Napa, California

\”Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.\”
                                             -Dr. Seuss
Along the Sonoma-Napa country roads, one wrong turn around a sharp bend, and I found myself looking upon a mint green valley gently rolling across thousands of acres of farm land heading towards the mountains in the distance. Dinosaur sized spools of dead dried up wine grape vines shaped in neat piles stretched far out underneath a heavy grey sky. It reminded me of a cartoon picture out of a Dr. Seuss book.
The sky is thick holding back the rain for now.
Before, finding the vast fields of thrown away vines, my mom driving, me comfortable in the passenger seat gazing out the car window, my loss and sorrow sitting in my heart and stomach, on a new discovered road, we found a winery I\’ve wanted to visit for the Art for some time. What looked like the head of a God fallen from the cities of stars above us, rested in a barren spot of land in front of Donum Estate vineyards. It is one of many sculptures as large as a building living at the estate winery. 
At home, I checked their website, finding only private tours with wine, food pairing, and art seeing available. It would be a splurge. When spring arrives and their lavender fields are blooming, it might be something to look forward to. They have donkeys and sheep, that would be an added plus for me, a big plus.

This wine region  the Carneros Valley was named Los Carneros which means \”the rams\” in Spanish, when the land was under Mexico.

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