Herbs, Candles, and Incense

Me in an herbal shop
Pape\’ete, Tahiti
October 1998
Last night I was looking through old photos. I ordered a canvas print of Scott and me at one of our favorite beaches. It is small enough to fit on his altar which is now our altar.  Most of the items on the altar are his. I have added a small vase of flowers, a candle set into a heart shaped stone, and a sliver of rose quartz. I always light the candle in the morning.
While I was looking at past photos, I found this one that I posted here. It\’s a trip to Tahiti, that I saved most of my salary for. It took me about six months of saving every penny to take my mom and me to the Tahitian Islands, it was less expensive back then!  We stayed on, one of the the Tahitian Islands, the Island of Mo\’orea most of the time where I swam with reef sharks and manta rays. Our last day, we stayed in Pape\’ete, on the main island of Tahiti.  I found this Chinese Herb Shop and spent a good amount of time with the shop owner learning about the herbs. I can\’t remember what I was looking for?  Most of my life, I am embarrassed to admit this, I was looking for some kind of love potion or magic to find my soulmate, even venturing as far as New Orleans to sit with a Voodoo Priestess. I have been a frequent visitor and shopper at countless wicca, goddess, voodoo, and herb shops all over the San Francisco Bay Area and wherever I travel. Lucky for me, Scott loved those types of shops too. He introduced me to one in Sacramento that his daughter reminded him about on one of our last visits there.
Yesterday, my sister and I drove over to Sebastopol, a welcoming town for Goddesses and Witches, many who have lived and flourished there since we moved here back in 1980.  At one of the several Goddess type shops, I found a table with a shelf behind it filled with several different colors of candles listing their magical qualities. On the table were shells and beautiful dishes, each filled with herbs, incense, glitter, ground quartz crystal, various powders of potions and such. A sign read \”Create your own Spell Candle\” with a step by step instruction of how to make one. And so I did. I made a \”love\” candle for our altar filling it with powders and herbs.
This morning, when I woke up I remembered my dreams, at least four stories with Scott right beside me. One, I vividly remember. He was crouching down on the grass admiring a one layered cake covered in white frosting with silver beads. I was standing behind him looking down, smiling. Light beams were shooting through us. 


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