Coyotes are a Gift

I picked up my mail today and found this book. I haven\’t read \”The Daily Coyote\” by Shreve Stockton.
There was no card or return address for me to Thank you.  
Thank you for the book. I\’m looking forward to it. 
I\’ve been writing about my love and respect for coyotes for years, and most recently on this blog. Scott and I were fortunate to have a Coyote cross our path within feet of us on the California Coastal Trail in Bodega. We spotted them in the hills above Sonoma County and in Point Reyes National Seashore. Most recently I wrote about my sister and our encounter with a Coyote on our way to Calistoga. One of my blog readers Carolyn has shared gorgeous photos and a love for coyotes as well. 
My hope is one day to see Coyote protected through the USA. In California, there are no laws protecting them, they can be killed ruthlessly by the cruelest of means. 
Coyote is a messenger for us. 
Thank you for whoever kindly sent this book. It will be read and passed along. 


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