It is good to have found her

Sonoma County Sunset
“I want to say something about bad writing. I\’m proud of my bad writing. Everyone is so intelligent lately, and stylish. Fucking great. I am proud of Philip Guston\’s bad painting, I am proud of Baudelaire\’s mamma\’s boy goo goo misery. Sometimes the lurid or shitty means having a heart, which\’s something you have to try to have. Excellence nowadays is too general and available to be worth prizing: I am interested in people who have to find strange and horrible ways to just get from point a to point b\”

― Ariana Reines

This morning I listened to a poem by American Poet Ariana Reines (her quote above). I have fallen in love with her words and poetry. I am going to buy her book of poems \”A Sand Book\”. Below is a review of her poetry from the New York Times.

\”Her writing is queer and raunchy, raw and occult, seemingly never pulling away from her deepest vulnerabilities. Yet Reines simultaneously maintains a feeling of epic poetry, of ancient intention.\” –Diana Arterian, The New York Times

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