Loon at Bodega Bay

Western Grebe
Bodega Bay
Northern California
Thank you Carolyn. It is a Grebe. I believe a Western Grebe!
This is one of the loons I watched at Bodega Bay diving for fish this morning. I don\’t have my Northern California Bird Field Guide yet, so I am having trouble identifying what species it is. I only spotted one of them among many other birds out there this morning. If anyone knows what kind it is, please let me know!  I searched the internet and couldn\’t place it. I am keeping busy with my new camera thanks to a very generous reader of this blog. I am getting quite focused again with a hobby I shared with Scott and I\’ve had since I was a kid, bird watching.  I lose myself bird watching, which is so good to do during these challenging times for me and I\’m sure for many of us.


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