The Wind

Yesterday, late afternoon
The town of Calistoga
Napa, Northern California
This morning, I am listening to soft playing guitar music that sounds like Spanish Flamenco Music. I\’ve had my coffee, written out my cards for the morning to be sent out, and I have a feeling of love and calmness after a powerful windstorm last night. 
The force and strength of the wind pushed passed my open window like a freight train. I am amazed how the top of the trees to their middles fell bent to the earth supple like ballerinas dancing for their lives. If this wind, at this velocity, visited us during the heat of summer, many of us might have perished in this wild fire land we cling and hold onto for the beauty it is.
Last night, Scott was with me. I could feel him. I could feel him touch my hair. I could feel him comfort me in my momentary emptiness. 
Instead of listening to my sleep stories, the gentle music on my phone, I opened the window wider, listening to the roar of the wind, the breath of nature, reminding me of who I am.


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