Bird Watching in Crane Canyon

Turkey Vultures
This morning, I took a long hike through Crane Canyon, a park in Sonoma County. Scott and I always admired the vultures, we loved seeing them in flight and especially when they sunbathe with wings spread out towards the sun like totems. The three friends in the oak tree kept me entertained for almost an hour as they flew in beautiful formation in the sky above me.

This park has some of the most beautiful oaks in the county. Near this oak, a red shouldered hawk headed straight towards me, gliding right over my head. I was trying to get a photo, but she was too close. I could see her beautiful red neck and dark eyes as she went passed me in full flight through the grass lands.

There were a lot of people in the park today. Next time, I plan on going earlier so I can see more wildlife and birds that hide during the day when it\’s busy and noisy. At the end of my hike, I met a woman, a writer, published author. She stopped me on the trail to talk about the birds I was taking photos of. With our masks on, she shared with me her love of the park and the hawks. I recognized the name of her book as she was just interviewed in our local paper. Her book is called the Last Nomad: Coming of Age in Somali. I shared my blog with her. We are going to get together for tea or coffee, I hope sometime soon, with social distancing, of course. Her nickname is Sugar.  I felt so comfortable talking to her. At home, I ordered her book through and found more information about when she was a young girl growing up in West Africa before she immigrated to the US :
“I am the last nomad. My ancestors traveled the East African desert in search of grazing land for their livestock, and the most precious resource of all—water. When they exhausted the land and the clouds disappeared from the horizon, their accumulated ancestral knowledge told them where to move next to find greener pastures. They loaded their huts and belongings onto their most obedient camels and herded their livestock to a new home.”

I am so excited to have met Shugri Said Salh and look forward to sharing more of her story and writing with you. Before I left for my hike today at Crane Canyon, I had guidance to visit this park during my meditation. 

American Goldfinches
Before I met Shugri Said Salh on the trail, I was able to use the zoom on my new camera (thank you Amy:) and was happy to find the photo turned out pretty good from so far away. I love the yellow on the goldfinches\’ breasts, the color reminds me of ripe bananas!


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