Horse on Barn Door
Sonoma County
Thoughts of my spirit horse Reanna have been floating in my head the last few days.  Reanna changed my life when I bought her in 2005. Actually she upended my life before the Great Recession.  I was living in the suburbs at the time, not feeling like I was actually living life.  I was working diligently full time in the mortgage industry, following up on phone calls and paperwork during my weekends to close as many deals as possible, using the money I made to invest and save for retirement. I was \”living the dream\”.  
The problem was, it wasn\’t  my dream. 
It was a dream, I thought I was supposed to be working towards. 
It turns out, Reanna was my dream. My spirit horse came to me in a vision as a dancing white horse during my commutes from the suburbs to my office every morning and on the way home in the evening.  While I played music on the car radio, the dancing horse would appear in my thoughts and heart.  
Within weeks, \”my dancing horse\” materialized. I called a dressage trainer in the area to start riding lessons again. At my first lesson I described the horse I was having a vision of. Excited and not surprised by my vision, the dressage trainer said \”he knew of this exact horse\”. It turned out Reanna was born and raised within a couple miles of my family home. That weekend, my trainer picked up Reanna in his horse trailer bringing her to me. I wrote the check on the spot, waiving the vet exam. I\’ve shared many stories of Reanna and our life together on my previous blogs, some of you might remember her. 
Reanna transitioned about five years ago. This morning, on my way out to the beach as she appeared in my thoughts. I smiled, thinking of our time together.  She was so special, an amazing horse, anyone who ever met her, could see and feel her spirit. 
Driving along the country roads, before reaching Bodega Bay, I decided to stop at a small town to pick up a cup of coffee. After grabbing my coffee and a chocolate croissant, I took a different turn in the road, going up into the hills above the town. I passed by a small green barn and stopped in the middle of the road. On the barn door was a grey horse that almost perfectly resembled Reanna in her later years (photo above).  When I saw the image,  I whispered \”thank you\”.  Continuing my drive to Bodega, I thought of Artists and how important and spiritual Art is. How Art brings beauty and meaning to our lives. How this painting of a grey horse touched my heart and my spirit feeding more good memories of a special horse named Reanna who I was gifted to have in my life.
Lately, as I delve deeper into my spiritual life, the past/present/future seem to be \”connecting the dots\” as signs are appearing regularly. Keeping my heart and mind open is revealing a mystery surrounding and embracing me as this journey continues and I hope in my words here on this blog, that you do not feel so alone in your own journey.

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