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\”Your Life After Their Death is truly an inspirational book that offers comfort and peace to those who were left behind by their loved ones. This book also offers practical exercises that will assist you in your journey back to a life filled with hope.\”
-Anita Moorjani, New York Times bestselling author of Dying to Be Me

I can\’t remember if someone recommended this book to me or not. I do want to thank readers of this blog who have emailed suggestions of books they have read or heard about on life after death, communicating with lost loved ones, and quantum physics. I have been studying and practicing different forms of spirituality and communication since I was very young.  Losing Scott has opened up a whole other world to me and I find my studies and practices deepening every day.

This book \”Your Life After Their Death\”  is actually pretty down to earth with practices that have been helpful to me in the past and new ways of looking at things that have opened up my own spiritual practice.

One of the last chapters \”Connect with Your Pets and Other Animals\”, I believe is helpful for those who are grieving the loss of a companion animal. When I finished the chapter, I was reminded of a cocker spaniel mix that I adopted from the local Humane Society. I was only twenty-four years of age at the time, living with my boyfriend Hans in an apartment. We both fell in love with Sugar. She was pure love with a gentle heart. She only lived a year. One day, she stopped eating and drinking water, I took her to the emergency vet. I remember, waiting up all night for the vet to call me with reports of how she was doing, while tossing and turning sleepless on the couch. I still remember clearly watching the protests at Tiananmen Square happening live on CNN while I cried, knowing in my heart, she was not going to make it.

Sugar had an auto-immune deficiency which could not be treated effectively in 1989. Now, treatments have vastly improved, but not in time for Sugar. I was broken-hearted, grieving, feeling guilty that I had done something wrong, that I couldn\’t save her. 

A few months later after losing Sugar, I was walking back from the store in front of our apartment complex. I looked up to see two ladies walking a cocker spaniel puppy. The puppy started squirming and crying, and somehow wriggled free from her collar. She ran across the busy street, thankfully no traffic was there at the time. When I saw her running towards me, I instinctively crouched down to catch her. She jumped in my arms, licking me while wagging her tail furiously. The frightened ladies who probably thought their puppy was never coming back ran over, thanking me profusely. I smiled handing the puppy back to them. I remember thinking right away that the puppy was Sugar or a message from her. I felt so much love from that puppy, it lifted my spirits and I was able to move on within a few weeks to adopt another dog at the same Humane Society, Sophia, my pain in the butt dachshund who was nothing like Sugar!  

I recommend this book \”Your Life after Their Death\” by Karen Noe as a solid book on learning techniques to open your senses to communication and healing after loss. And I am giving my copy away to the first reader of this blog who emails me – unfortunately I can only ship to USA residents at this time. Good luck!


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