Bird Nest at Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay
Marin County, Northern California
Can you see the nest I spotted while visiting the park this morning?  I can\’t believe it\’s still there after the gusts of 50-70 mph winds that hit our Northbay area a few days ago.I don\’t know what kind of nest it is. It\’s large, almost as big as a small car tire.
The nest is cradled up in the trees above the parking lot where Scott and I parked last summer. I remember Scott sitting in the driver\’s seat reading his book. I crawled in the back of the van and took a nap. I felt so safe and sleepy. I opened the window so I could feel the breeze from the bay lightly brush my face as I fell asleep. We spent many wonderful days exploring the Point Reyes National Seashore over the last three years and for weeks over this last summer. 


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