Healing through Creativity

Three Kayaks
Tomales Bay
Northern California
\”Helped are those who create anything at all, for they shall relive the thrill of their own conception
and realize a partnership in the creation of the Universe that keeps them responsible and cheerful.\”

-Alice Walker

This morning I wrote a letter to my friend and mentor Jon Katz of the inspiring, thought-provoking and beautiful blog Bedlam Farm.  

I wrote to Jon to thank him for supporting my writing over the years. I don\’t think I would have made it through Scott\’s physical death if it wasn\’t for the blog. My writing forces me to find inspiration and beauty, color and light, a reason to continue on this journey. 

I believe our creativity, we are all creators, is the path, the way to healing. We don\’t have to be masters of our craft, just practitioners. For many years, my creativity was a garden I grew when my brother David was living with a terminal cancer diagnosis. I didn\’t have much money, just a few dollars to spare. With that money, I bought seeds and planted them in the middle of a chain link dog run on a bare piece of dry brown grass. I dug the dirt, turned it, watered the seeds everyday until they grew into an edible feast of sweet peas, tomatoes, eggplant, squash, carrots, and lettuces, thriving and creating a jungle of green and spring blooms that twisted and grasped the metal cage of the dog kennel until you couldn\’t see the chain link any more unless you pulled apart the tangle of plant life. A couple of months before David passed away, he visited my garden. He could barely walk, his right arm was useless (paralyzed from the tumor in his brain). He somehow got out of the car on his own from the passenger side and shuffled himself over to the vegetable and flower garden and listened while I described each veggie plant and pinched bits of herbs for him to smell that I placed under his nose. That garden that cost, maybe $20. It saved me. My garden took my feelings of loss and sorrow and turned them into beauty and food. When David was gone, I harvested the vegetables and herbs and made beautiful baskets and gave them away to family and friends, and our neighbors nearby.

A gift of a camera and donations from the readers of this blog, support from my creative inspiring friends Jon Katz and Maria Wulf and Maria\’s blog at Full Moon Fiber Art have helped me keep creating. Their Art, Writing, and Blogs inspire me everyday.

Every day I receive letters from people who have lost loved ones and find courage and inspiration from my blog. This is the best compliment I could ever receive. If I can help people through their loss and their tough times, I have done my work here, my purpose and will continue to do so. I always felt my ultimate purpose for this blog was to help people not feel alone. 

Adding the book giveaways has helped me feel good. The donations I receive help contribute to the postage and the books I buy to help me on this healing journey, to encourage me to keep looking for the surprise and mystery in this amazing life, and help me to give something back to people, the joy of reading, and sharing.  

Thank you for reading and supporting the blog. And thank you for bringing your own creative spark to the world whether that\’s baking a dozen muffins, growing a garden, writing a letter to someone, creating a blog, or painting a landscape. You give us the inspiration to keep on living and loving.

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