Dust of Snow

Santa Rosa
Northern California
This morning, I headed out to my mail center to ship off cards and packages. On the way, I picked a road I\’ve never driven down. What a surprise!  Old farmhouses and green rolling vineyards, classic farm trucks, and fallen leaves waved good morning on this clear day before the storms are hitting tomorrow and for several days this week.
At the turn, underneath the bright blue sky, a dust of snow decorated the mountain next to St. Helena. Yesterday, when I talked to my sister, she said up north, it will be snowed in for days starting tomorrow. Here in Sonoma County, it will be cold and rainy, and hopefully we will continue to see snow on the mountains surrounding us. I love seeing the snow.
At the mail center, a long line formed behind me as the owner wrapped my packages beautifully not paying attention to one woman who was grunting and loudly sighing clearly impatient with the process as she shifted the weight of a large box back and forth on her hip. I thanked the nice woman behind me for being patient not able to reach the impatient one with the box on her hip towards the back with a smile to let her know I appreciated her too. At the register, the owner repeated over and over what \”a good soul\” Scott was. I smiled and said  \”yes and he still is\”.  She smiled back neatly labeling the rest of my padded envelopes.
I am so happy to be able to mail my packages and pick up my mail at Scott\’s charming mail center in this small forest town. As my life has slowed down, and I am living more and more everyday from today, I am careful to choose who I do business with. I want all of my errands and work to have meaning and give meaning to those around me. 
I want to surround myself with good people. Scott chose good people to do business with. 


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