Rain is on its Way

Tomales Bay
North of San Francisco
A big storm is arriving today, followed by days of rain, and warnings of flash flooding. My go to for helping myself feel better and positive; traveling the back roads and hiking are on hold for now. 
I do love listening and watching the rain with my window open. I will be reading a lot, listening to podcasts, and meditating; I have learned a new way to meditate which is explained in a new book I will be giving away soon; it\’s a way to take a quantum leap into a field of energy of multiple dimensions manifesting surprising reality in our world.  That\’s about the best way I can explain it for now. It is making profound changes in my life. If you are interested in exploring more, especially if you have a lost loved one, I recommend Christina Rasmussen\’s podcast the Dear Life Podcast. Her recent podcast \”Grieving Deeply While Living Wildly\”is an interview with creative Author and Artist Sark who many of you may be familiar with.
I miss Scott everyday through-out the day and night, his physical presence. Our love and connection is here alive, and well. By using the tools of meditating, spending time in nature, keeping my heart open and my ego in check, I have found a way to continue my journey here with purpose and love.
Eating a vegetarian diet, turning television and news off, not participating in social media, or surfing on the internet has helped my mind clear itself of constant negative chatter.
I continue my search and journey while living from today and I hope to continue to share my experiences, feelings, and resources with you.


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