The Plundering Squirrel


The Plunderer

It looks like someone is trying to scavenge as much nesting material as they can before the big storm arrives. The temperature has dropped and the storm clouds have covered the skies.

It\’s pretty amazing how much action you can find in a suburban yard in a busy part of town. There are animals all around us. For some reason, I thought squirrels only build nests when they have baby squirrels to keep warm. Nope. They build them before storms.

This little monster came back at least a half dozen times to plunder and steal plant material for their nest. After I took the photos (sorry for the blur, still getting used to the zoom) I picked up and leafed through \”The Inner Life of Animals\” by Peter Wohlleben and found out that grey squirrels not only steal from backyard suburbs, they steal from their friends and relatives as well.

And that cute little face deceives us. Their delicacy is baby birds which they grab out of the nests with their claws. They do eat the eggs and dead birds as well, so hopefully they do that more often then swiping innocent wild song bird chicks. I was thinking of keeping that juicy bit of horror from the blog, but that wouldn\’t be authentic of me. Squirrels have to eat too. 
I thought they were vegetarians.

I have no idea what the crow is digging for. The same squirrel is on the side of the palm tree as I\’m writing this shredding off strips of bark to complete his nest building before the storm. Crows eat baby birds too. I bet they feel no guilt.  

This is better than television.

The plunderers are out in force.



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