Wolf Moon


In honor of tonight\’s Full Moon. The Wolf Moon in Leo. I found this video of California\’s Wolf Pack. Two adults and three pups that were born in 2019.

The last piece of information I could gather shows there are now eight new pups. Grey Wolves are Native to California and are coming back after being killed off and eradicated by livestock interests in the 1920s. 

Wolves are protected under California\’s Endangered Species Act. There is no hunting of wolves in California. Wolves were removed from Federal protection, hopefully, that will change, and they will be added back on under the Federal Endangered Species Act with the new administration. Phone calls and letters help.

Tonight, I am keeping my window open to the night sky to hear the neighborhood howl under the full moon. I will also be attending my first sound bath, specifically for the Wolf Moon. Sound baths are meditations bathed in sound waves produced by healing instruments. I will write about my experience. I have a downloaded tape of the sound bath for tonight. When Scott was here, before COVID, there were sound baths at a few of the meditation centers in our area. Scott always wanted to go, but we didn\’t get a chance to do it. I\’m really looking forward to hopefully having a healing experience tonight. 

If you watch the wolf video through the whole two minutes or less, you will get a howling lesson for tonight\’s full moon!


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