Cobb Mountain

Cobb Mountain
Rain Mist 
On the way to the Snow
This afternoon, my sister picked me up to go for a ride up to the mountains. It snowed last night. The mountains are an hour\’s drive from my home in Sonoma.
When it snows close to here, it\’s magical. We get a taste of snow, just enough for us to feel winter.

As we drove further and further up the mountain, we found the snow that fell last night. It felt like we were in a different world even though we were so close to home.

At Cobb Mountain, the cloud formations, blue skies and light were beautiful. At home the clouds were grey, pouring rain. In just an hour\’s drive, we changed our perspective and felt like kids again. Something about the snow brings that out in us since we were raised in San Francisco, and only saw the snow once a year at Lake Tahoe.


Farm in burn area. You can still see how charred the trunks and branches are from all of the fires. Several of the residents are living in trailers and RVs waiting for their homes to be rebuilt. 

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